What’s in a writer’s bag?

Over at kalebnation.com, we got a peek inside his writers bag. The comparison between what’s in his bag and what’s in mine is significant so I thought I’d give you a look.

For those of you who don’t know what a writers bag is, take some time today and meander down to your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, or local book store. There you will witness a writer in it’s natural habitat. I don’t recommend approaching these elusive creatures, as they are often sleep deprived and have dangerously elevated caffeine levels. Just slide into a seat and watch from behind a potted tree. One of the things you will see is a bag of random shape, size, and color. This bag will usually be strewn at the base of the writers feet or hooked on the back of a chair. It will be within can easy reach of the writer, and most often will be well worn (writers can rarely afford shiny new bags). It may be large enough to comfortably hold a laptop, but on occasion will only be note-pad sized. Never, I repeat never, try to search, remove, or otherwise touch this bag.
Writers are crazy.

They will kill you.

With a bendy straw.

So, here we go. In my bag.

The first thing we pull out is my laptop, or more accurately, my 400 dollar note pad. Aside from a few pics, it contains only my various writing. And minesweeper, for those tough plotting days. I’ve been meaning to get the “Smile” program. It allows you to blend, laser, and otherwise horrifically destroy a cheerful smiley face. Over and over. If anyone finds it, let me know.
Laptop accessories are next. Power cord, ear buds, ect. All tangled.

Then we have note pads. Redundant, huh? Great for those character sheets and plot outlines. At least one legal size, and 2 journal size. The smallest one is for appointments, reminders, to do lists, ect. Hey, I’m a mom. I need to stay on top of about a million things every day. The other is for sketching, doodling, and catching the muse when it hits me at random times. Like out at dinner, or at a football game. Times when you can’t just bust out the computer. Nobody likes it when you whip out the laptop at church.

A spork. Don’t know why. Just in case someone tries to touch my bag, I guess.

A Starbucks napkin. Yes, I know Starbucks is run by satan. But their white hot chocolate is just soooo good! So are their brownies. Oh, I guess that explains the spork…

My handy Pocket Thesaurus. There is one on my laptop too, but I hate using it. Probably for the same reason I refuse to own a Kindle. Give me a well worn paperback any day of the week.

Sticky notes in various colors. Blue for plot issues, yellow for characters, red for research questions, ect. I have a system, as messy and random as it may seem, it produces good results. If it ain’t broke…
2 pencils. No pens, just pencils. My pens must have been stolen.
A 4 gig jump drive. I keep EVERYTHING backed up. The power in my laptop died once and I lost 4 chapters. Never again!

That’s it. If you look at these seemingly innocuous items, they will reveal quite a bit about how I work. And why my laundry is never done. Have a great week everyone!

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