Queen of Someday on Amazon

Queen of Someday is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

You can find it here.

ALSO, I’ve been hard at work and it looks like (barring anything odd like a zombie apocalypse)book two, Queen of Tomorrow will be releasing before Christmas! That means there will be less than a 2 month wait between the release of book 1 and book 2 in the series. How stinking cool is that?


In the mean time, you can find it available for early review over on Netgalley (for you bloggers/reviewers) and you can always keep up to date with all the goings on (like the EPIC book trailer that’s soon to hit the cyberwaves)over on the Stolen Empire Facebook page here!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of Queen of Someday. I’m so excited about my first foray into historical romance!

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