Monday Madness and a giveaway…

Welcome to the CF, my friends! I’m having a TON of fun this month doing interviews, working on book 3, and causing general mayhem everywhere I go.

This week I’ve been inspired by my good buddy Carl Franklin and his awesome (faux)IMBD page for his book, Bloodlines. So, I’m going to do one too!

This is where you guys come in.

I want you to help me cast my (faux) movie!!!
I’m casting the roles of Grace, Chris, Phoenix, and James. Anyone who wants to cast one of the Greek Gods or Fae, feel free!
Leave your actor/actress suggestions in the comments section and I’ll draw a random winner to receive a beautiful jewelery set

from M. K. Galliugh Creations.
And I’ll unveil my Fake IMDB page tomorrow. This means you only have ONE DAY to enter! So get casting!!!


Monday Madness and a giveaway… — 7 Comments

  1. Grace, Chris, Phoenix and James – I’m assuming this is two girls and two guys.

    Christina Ricci, Ewan McGregor, Emanuelle Chriqi, and Aaron Johnson.

  2. chris is jake Gyllenhall, Grace is Rachel McAdams, James is tobey Mcguire and Phoenix is Emily Blount

    Tammy Walker

  3. Well assuming that Grace knows how to handle a cheeseburger, my thoughts for Dakota Fanning are out of the window! rofl

    BUT, I would say Demi Lovato for Grace.

    The rest are a blur and I’m having casting blockage. (See ‘mental constipation’ in Webster’s Dictionary)

  4. Here’s my casting:
    James: Johnathan Rhys Meyer
    Grace: Ellen Page (although I do like the suggestion of Dakota Fanning.
    Chris: Graham Wardie (if you’re not Canadian you might not know who this is)
    Phoenix: Christina Hendricks
    Lilith: Natalie Dormer

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