I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on these drums all day…

This weekend was full of fun, parties, and general slacking off.

The Ward party on Friday was a huge success ( just wait till they get my bill…) We had over 160 people come, and the program went off without a hitch…well, maybe one or two hitches….But alas, a good time was had by all. The Husband was forced to dress up as Santa, which surprisingly enough none of my kiddos picked up on. Bonus.
Then afterwords me, Kate, and Katie went and saw Twilight. Again. I think it we’d all seen it at least 3 times, but who cares? After such a long day ( I started decorating/cooking/setting up at 10:30 am) I deserved some quality time with Edward.

Saturday night was the ‘Thank God it’s over’ dinner for the surviving nanowrimo’s at Boston’s. It’s always so great to get together with fellow writers and discuss what we’ve got going. Plus, having an entire meal without having to chastise someone for not using their ‘restaurant manners’ is always a good time. Yay grownups!!!

After frolicking all weekend, I swore to myself I’d do some housework before hitting the computer today, and I did. Now I just have my living room left to clean and I’m a free woman. Well, free to go to the bank, get gas, get groceries, and pick up my dry cleaning.

There’s still no news from the publisher, but that’s ok. I have a really good feeling.

Oh, and if you like historical romances you should check out my friend Beth Trissel’s new novel, SOMEWHERE, MY LOVE available on amazon.com. It’s a great read. Being from Virginia, the setting really takes me back. I don’t normally read romances, but this one was worth it! Check it out!
That’s it for today!
Farewell, farewell! And may the forces of darkness become confused on the way to your door!

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