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Hey everyone! I haven’t been around the past few weeks thanks to a much needed vacation I recently took. And boy, did I need the rest becasue I’m about to launch into an exciting new project! You probably saw my post last month about my new novel, The Canary Club. It looks like you aren’t going to have to wait as long as I thought to get your hands on it.

Well, sort of.

If you know me, you know that I love doing things in new and different ways. After writing the full novel, I was left with three pieces of story that took place BEFORE the novel, but didn’t really fit INTO the novel. I considered making it a prequel novel, but it’s split between three characters and over the course of about two years, so that didn’t seem quite right either. So, after a long chat with my FAB agent, I’ve decided to release them myself as a mini-serial prequel to the Canary Club.


Book one, The Gilded Cage, is releasing December 1st! How crazy is that? Which means that you will get to dig into the first book in just a few short weeks, and it means I’m frantic with getting the word out about it!

The Gilded Cage takes place in prohibition era New York and introduces you to Masie, the daughter of a notorious gangster on the verge of ruin, as she navigates her family’s desperate gambit to retain control of the city. Oh, and there’s a little romance too, of course. The big cover reveal is TOMORROW and I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that fans of Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire are going to love this series!

Each of these novelettes are between 17k-20k words, making them, combined, the length of a full novel, but each is told from the perspective of one of the main players in Canary Club, with the third installment leading directly into the novel. They are:

The Gilded Cage

All That Glitters

Nothing Gold Can Stay

They tell the stories of Masie, June, and Dickey, all of whom you will see more of in The Canary Club. But these serials gave me the chance to introduce you to them, to their lives and loves, to their fears and ambitions, in a way that let me really focus on each character individually. The world of the Canary Club is so rich and has so many wonderful characters, it was a real struggle not to try to tell everyone’s stories inside the novel. But you’re going to want these stories. I know I did. The thought of them languishing away on my computer, never to see the light of day, way physically painful.

So be sure to check out the cover reveal tomorrow. The cover, created by Marya Heiman at Strong Image Editing (the same designer who did my QUEEN covers), has truly outdone herself this time. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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