New Project and an Invitation!

Since Losing Logan (and it’s counterpart Haunting Zoe) released a bit early, I’ve been doing that dizzying dance that accompanies a novel release. Though the blog tour is actually next month, there are still plenty of thinks keeping me busy, … Continue reading

General Geekery

I’m a nerd.If you are somehow shocked to discover this, then you obviously don’t know me well. I go from zero to completely obsessed in less than a minute. My latest obsession wabbles back and forth between Doctor Who and … Continue reading

All that glitters, and a giveaway!

I spent yesterday making the first batch of spooky Halloween decorations for this year’s Haunted Mansion Party. I’d found a creepy cool black glitter candelabra, but it was 20 bucks! No way! So I picked up a few cheap wood … Continue reading