Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Canary Club Novelette


Dickey has been down on his luck since the day he was born. Flat broke and sick of being looked down on, his meeting young socialite Leslie at a wild party is like a strike of lightning. From a wealthy New York family, this debutante is everything he’s been told he can never have—and the only thing he wants. Determined to win her, he knows the only way to get her parents approval is with cold hard cash, enough of it to make himself into a respectable gentleman. So when a shot at the biggest score of his life comes around, he can’t refuse. One heist and he can have everything he ever dreamed of—or so he thinks. When things go sideways and he finds himself caught in the middle of a war brewing between two dangerous gangsters Dickey will have to make a choice that will alter his future—forever.