*Blog Book Tour* and the end of the Summer of Magic

It’s official, my book FORESIGHT is out now, on shelves and all over the web. It’s time for my official Blog Book Tour to begin!

What is a BBT, you ask? Well, in these modern times, publishers have shied away from traditional in store book tours because
1. They are expensive
2. They are often more hassle than they are worth
3. They just don’t draw a huge audience.

Now, the exceptions to this are big name authors like Jo Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. But for us noobie, small press published authors, it’s just not worth it.

But thanks to the miracle that is the world wide web (which I REFUSE to credit Al Gore with) authors have a better option.

The Virtual (or blog) Book Tour.

Basically an author ‘visits’ lots of popular blogs, does interviews, guest posts, and/or giveaways to generate interest and generally pimp their books.

In the next 6 weeks I’ll be visiting 13 blogs and doing as many local appearances and events as I can muster. So while you might not see me HERE for a while, I will be all over the place. You can check out my full tour list on my website. I hope you all can drop by at a few of my stops and check out some really great book review blogs.

Now, as promised, I want to end the Summer Of Magic with a big thank you to everyone who’s been following me on this journey. It’s been so great to have such support and love. So, I’m rewarding one CF follower and one FB fan by randomly selecting two of you to get the final prize packs! The winners are:

from FB- Rachael Hite

and from the CF followers – Claudia Chapman

Congrats ladies!

Thanks for everything and I hope this Autumn is just as magical as the summer was!



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