A Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft and Demon Hunting

Rule # 1: Demon’s Lie


Aria is a girl with 99 problems, and demons are basically all of them. Orphaned after her mother’s murder, she ascends into the role of Budiseach, a line of witches charged with guarding the gateways between worlds. But guarding the door isn’t enough. Aria doesn’t just want to protect mankind, she wants revenge, which means ending the demon plague once and for all—even if it means ending all magic on earth—a decision that makes her a target of not just demons but all supernatural creatures who depend on that magic.


“Fans of Supernatural will love this new chilling tale by author Sherry Ficklin. Where Aria realizes she doesn’t have to be alone to fight the evil that killed her mother and set her on the course of destiny.”~Crossroad Reviews

“If Buffy and Supernatural ever merge, I think Demons Lie would be their rebellious teenage love child.”~ Vanessa (Amazon Review)

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