5 Awesome Things That Happened At Anomaly Con

I love Anomaly Con, Denver Co’s scifi, steampunk, and alt history convention. I try to make it at least every other year (as my schedule allows) and while I do conventions of all types, large and small, all over the country, this odd little con is one of my absolute favorites. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.

And I’d like to give a big thanks to Thomas Fowler who took these beautiful images from the event. You can see them all and his other work here–> www.ThomasAFowler.com

11082621_10153148078621138_401525611450332515_nSo here are my five favorite things that happened at Anomaly con in 2015:

1) I got to chat with, hug, stalk, and share meals with some of my favorite authors and artists. (FYI, when artists invite you to a pre-con kickoff party, GO TO IT. No questions asked.) I got to trade ships with A.L. Kessler, talk Star Trek with Jodi Lynn Nye, and have dinner with Mark Stone. Some i knew beforehand, some I met for the first time at the convention, but there was an immediate welcoming. They took me in and made me part of their family from the first day. This doesn’t always happen at conventions. Authors and artists can have massive egos or sometimes, just not have time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This has never been the case for me at Anomaly Con. It must be some sort of prerequisite that to be invited, you must pass their awesomeness standard or something. Seriously, they are all truly, truly amazing people.


2) There is SO MUCH cosplay love at this con, it’s hard to describe. Often at cons, there’s always those few people who are critical or judgemental about other people’s costumes. That wasn’t the case (and in my experience never has been at Anomaly Con). Not only was everyone genuinely excited to share their own costumes, tips, and ideas, but they were just as quick to geek out about other people’s work. There were costumes of all skill levels, beginners to OMG how do you get that to light up? And you know what, they were all equally amazing.

Oh, and mad props to the dude who came to my table looking EXACTLY like Hale from Lost Girl, only to tell me after several minutes of nerding out that he wasn’t even in costume. Apparently, he just looks like that all the time!?!? Wow, his girlfriend is one lucky chick! And, I’m sorry if I drooled on your man.

IMG_0608 10361358.0 IMG_0613

3) THE FANS who attend are out of this world! So many times people tracked me down on the floor for a picture or to usher me back to my booth so they could grab a stack of my books (I wandered around way too much. Sorry!). I had lots of great people who knew me already stop by to say hello, and I had even more people I met over the weekend swing by the booth the last day to check out my books for the first time. It’s always so cool to meet new people, or to meet people you know online IRL. It’s even more fun to then grab those people by the hand and go to dinner with them (which happened twice!)

(The Bakers Street Pub is a must for Sherlock fans coming to Denver. Great food, good music, and a fantastic atmosphere!)


4) The Panels were amazing. Sometimes, there can be all sorts of gremlins in the gears at events like this. Panels get moved, times changed, rooms shuffled. It’s a huge source of con anxiety, especially for me. I’m not super comfortable at public speaking anyway, and crowds scare the shit out of me sometimes. So having all the panels roll on smoothly is a huge help, and in my opinion, the sign of a really well assembled and run event. Mad props to Kronda Seibert and her team on that front!

For those who attended the Sex in YA and Is This A Kissing Book panels, I’d like to apologize for using the phrases, surprise buttsex, oops she’s your sister, and boobies (with the gesture). Sometimes, I’m just as surprised by everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.


5) The vendors were amazing. It’s really hard to go to an event, set up shop, and basically chain yourself to a booth for three straight days, 9 am to 9 pm. (At least the authors get to break and go to panels and stuff). But there were so many skilled costume makers, jewelry designers, leather workers, and weapon crafters that, let’s face it, I’m lucky I made it home with anything left in my bank account at all!

And Mason, I’m coming back for that blue leather TARDIS journal, so be sure to bring one for me next year!

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So those were my highlights. I hope to see you all there again in 2016!


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